I work in the office at Mapledown School in London. This school provides education and support to children with multiple and severe learning difficulties like autism or a mental disability. When I got there on my first day, I immediately got a really good first impression which I still have. The staff is very nice and helpful and they explain everything very well.

My tasks include printing and copying documents, shredding, sorting through folders and keeping cupboards tidy. Since I work in a school, there are always things happening and the pupils are so happy to go to school which is very adorable. They get a lot of support from the teachers and I think the staff really cares about their wellbeing.


What you should definitely not underestimate is the commuting. My journey takes over an hour which is normal for Londoners. The underground trains can be quite confusing and overwhelming but once you get the hang of it you can go pretty much everywhere you want to go.

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