Von 25.-29. September 2019 genossen die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 5CK und 3AL Klasse ihre Abschlussreise nach Amsterdam. Dem schlechten Wetter zum Trotz erkundeten unsere angehenden Maturantinnen und Maturanten die Hauptstadt der Niederlande und ließen sich von dem Charme der engen Gassen und der kleinen Grachten verzaubern.


Neben Entertainmentbesichtigungen, wie dem Amsterdamer Dungeon oder „Over the Edge Swing“ auf dem 80m hohen A’DAM Tower, wurde natürlich auch die Kultur nicht vernachlässigt. So sahen wir uns das berühmte Anne-Frank-Haus an und ließen uns auch von der Malerei Van Goghs im gleichnamigen Museum inspirieren. Auch konnten wir in unserer Freizeit diese großartige Stadt eigenständig genießen. Begeistert von dieser großartigen Reise und gestärkt für das kommende Jahr kamen wir wohlbehalten zurück.

On 26 September 2019 the CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH FIRST Certificates were handed over to our candidates at WIFI. This international language certificate (Level B2) was awarded to nine students of this year´s fourth form.

Four candidates showed outstanding performances that earned them an upgrade to the next higher Level C1.


Congratulations to all our successful candidates:

Valentin Augustat, 4AK
Flora Aufderklamm, 4BK
Altin Fejzaj, 4BK
Maximilian Gatterer, 4AK
Alina Kirsteuer, 4AK
Lukas Kogler, 4AK
Christina Niederer, 4AK
Lena Wagner, 4AK
Katharina Tröbinger, 4AK

Working abroad is a great opportunity to see how business works in other countries. I work at The Legal Practice. This company helps people with their legal issues, for e.g. Divorce, Wills and Probate, Employment Law, Property Conveyancing and Child Contact Issues.

I have three colleagues who are also students studying law and doing their internship at the company. We often get tasks to do in team, what makes the work more interesting. My tasks are editing Excel tables, picking up the phone, welcoming clients and visiting clients who are very old. Sometimes I have to go to the new office, which is located opposite the company, to help my colleagues moving the desks, decorating, destroying the files they don’t need anymore or to make space for a new employee.

Every Friday we all have lunch together and talk about our private stuff. They make suggestions what to do and visit in London, and they are also very interested in our Austrian school system and the differences between Austria and England.
I am very happy to be the part of this project and I would recommend it to everyone.

My work placement at Vesper Groups, a real-estate company located directely in the heart of London, in front of the popular Hyde Park, was an experience that I will never forget in my life.

My boss James and my collegues Holly and Melissa were welcoming and so helpful when it came to explaining my tasks to me and patiently answered all my questions. I was assigned to do a marketing project for the two weeks I would work for them, and basically had to manage and promote every social media account, which included designing and creating e.g. flyers and taking pictures for the profiles.

To my surprise, the team at Vesper Group actually trusted me and my skills and gave me work that was as challenging as it was fun! James and I always went for lunch together, and he sometimes would even take me to busniess meetings or show me around in London and his favourite sights.
Going to London was an amazing experience, it was so interesting to see yourself, your language skills and cotacts develop that greatly over such a short period of time.

I leave home at about 8 am so I can sit in a calm Café and have enough time to enjoy my coffee every day. Sometimes I meet up with my colleague Sophia there who is also an intern at the company and lives in Slovakia.

I work at Eye Level not far away from where I live. The company is a learning centre that provides individualized coaching in Math and English for young children. What I like the most is that I have a nice balance of working on my own as well as working with children in a group.

I am the first person to arrive, so it is my responsibility to unlock the company’s door with the keys they entrusted me with. I then start my work at 10 am by marking the tests and homework of the children. I have a tablet or an answer key where I have the solutions on hand. Sometimes the tests are so easy that I do mental arithmetic.
After marking the tests, the children slowly start to show up at 3 pm. My next task is to sit with 3-4 children in a room and help them whenever they raise their hands. They are well behaved which makes me feel comfortable working with them. It is a fun alternation from working on my own for hours.
Apart from that I really enjoy my time in London. There is not one single day I stay at home – I don’t want to miss any chance to explore London.

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