After meeting up at the central station in Linz in the morning, the students of the 3 A-, B-, and CK and their teachers, who all teach English or an English-related subject at HAK Auhof, took the train to Vienna Airport.

At about 3 p.m. the plane to our great adventure to England took off, and after approximately two hours we arrived at London Heathrow.
We didn’t have much time to breathe in the English air and admire all the new Snapchat filters, as the bus which should take us to our actual destination – Canterbury - came to pick us up pretty quickly.

Before entering the bus, we got a lunch packet containing some food and a bottle of water, provided by Stafford House, the school in which we would spend most of our time during the upcoming week.

Then, after getting through a terribly-long traffic jam and a little incident with a certain piece of luggage, the teachers and students were brought to their host-families by bus and were able to get to know the people they would be living with for the next five days.


On the day after our arrival we didn’t really get the chance to sleep in, as we had to leave early for London. There we were walked around the city and saw lots of different and exciting places and sights. After that we were allowed to spend the rest of the day in the capital of England by ourselves.
While some of us continued to explore the city and the beautiful tourist attractions it has to offer, others went shopping or simply sat down and enjoyed some of the British cuisine and culture. No matter how you decided to spend these hours, everyone could tell that Costa’s and Pret A Manger were some of the most popular cafés and restaurants there, as they were located at every second corner.


On Monday school started.
For most of us students it was not that hard to get out of bed since lots of host-families didn’t really seem to know how to use a radiator.
Depending on how far we were away from the language school, we were either picked up by bus or had to walk.
Usually, school days lasted from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., and after a lunch-break, we had about 4 more lessons in which we normally had assignments to do which required us to go to the city-centre.


During our week at Stafford House we had the opportunity the learn interesting new things and get a glimpse at the way British people act, speak and behave in their everyday lives.
Furthermore, we were able to see some historical sights of Canterbury, such as the Canterbury Tales or the Cathedral, which both were a great experience.
It was exciting to be able to talk to British people and experience the daily routine of an English student in Britain.

Nicole and Sabrina (3BK)

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